The Three Main Elements of the New Ford Focus Design


As you might already know, the exterior is what catches the eye first. When you look at a car the first thing you might think of is how it looks. So the exterior design of the car is a very important aspect of enticing the customer to come and have a look.

When you couple design with a growing market, then you have potential for a lot of sales to take place. The mid-sized sedan segment has been growing over the years. In 2015 the cross-over utility vehicle section sold almost 17.5 million cars. Mid-sized sedans sold almost 2.5 million. Ford has seen further buying potential of this market segment. So the new Ford Fusion has been designed with that in mind.

Earlier in 2012, Ford had concentrated on four main design attributes. These were a new design, new technology, engines and driving dynamics. They were also seen to be copying design cues from the Aston Martin. This did make their cars more stylish.

So looking into 2016 and Ford 2017 Fusion Ford has decided to concentrate on three aspects.

Design: Ford has decided to make the exterior sleeker. The old 2012 version had a front grille that has been stretched horizontally this time. Various design aspects have been modified on the other Ford cars like the Sport, Titanium and Platinum models.

At the back of the car, the only modification that has been made, are the new tail lamp lenses.Ford has come out with a new exterior color: Shadow Black and heated mirrors.

After the exterior has caught the customer’s attention, the car still needs to have other design aspects to make it worth the money. Keeping that in mind, Ford has also redesigned the interior of the ford focus.

The interior has been made to look cleaner and clutter free. The seating arrangement does tend to obscure the rear view a bit so they have integrated rear cameras to solve this problem.

Technology and design: Ford has redesigned the center stack. This simplifies the user experience. They have put in Remote start system, cloth seats which are heated and drive memory, and floor mats for every type of weather. It also has Bluetooth phone connectivity, CD player and the USB or Iphone interface. It also has the integration available for your smart pone app. So a lot of technology has been added to enhance the user’s experience.

Engines: the Fusion has an all wheel drive. It is available in seven power trains. This includes direct injected EcoBoost engines, turbo charged, a plug in hybrid and a hybrid electric. The EcoBoost engines are proving to be very popular among customers. Almost half of all their customers are choosing it because of its fuel efficiency.

Besides that they have also focused on the safety features in the design of the car. The ‘Ford Sync’ also dials 911 in case of a crash, when synced with a cell phone that is compatible.

Overall Ford has moved into designing a car series that is sleeker, stylish and more customer centered.

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