How To Review a Website


It’s important to analyze the appearances of your website on a regular basis. This enables you to keep all the information hosted on your website up to date. This is especially important if your website is geared towards a business. Rather than look at your website as just cyber reality, it may help to imagine your website as a portfolio. Your portfolio takes your place when reaching out to potential customers or visitors. If your website isn’t up to date or doesn’t look professional, chances are your guests won’t think you’re very professional either. So how do you go about evaluating your website for errors or design issues? Read the suggested tips below!

How does the design of your website look? Is it professional and clean? Or is it cluttered, confusing, and distracting? If you answered yes to distracting or cluttered it may be time to find a more professional and clean template or design. You want to achieve the less is more approach.
How Is Your Content?
Content is often what attracts the visitor to your website to begin with. While there are other clues that will give your guest a basic idea of what your website is about (more about that later), make sure your website is hospitable to the guest by offering unique and insightful content. If you’re having a hard time coming up with fresh and information content try outsourcing it to a passionate writer on the web!
Is your website easy to navigate? Or are there pages where you wouldn’t expect to find them? Chances are if you can’t find a page your guest’s can’t either. Make it easier on them by providing a clear menus. Keep like with like items!
Your visitor may not have found your website by typing a chain of keywords into Google. They may have been referred from another website or series of websites. If you don’t have any credible website linking back to you, you may want to figure out how to turn that around. In the online marketing world, giving referrals to and from another website is called back linking. Each backlink is considered an individual referral and helps Google and your visitors gauge your trustworthiness. Bottom Line: Find a legitimate way to get as much as of these referrals as possible. Make sure they’re related to the purpose of your website!

Have you ever viewed your website from various web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.)? If you haven’t, you should. Some websites will appear perfectly fine in some browsers and looked completely messed up in another browser. Also, browsing the web is now possible on other devices other than personal computers. Lots of browsing activity takes place on phones and computer tablets. It may be worthwhile to determine if you should optimize your website for these particular visitors.
Your Identity
If your website is about a particular subject you should make sure that your website reflects that. Everything from the URL, the design, and the description. If your website shows indications of being about germ removal in houses and your visitors click on your website only to be taken to a website about laundry detergents, chances are your visitor isn’t going to stick around for long. If you’re not sure what your visitors are expecting to see, do some research about your subject before you go making a website! If you have no idea what a website should look like in your niche, browse the web a bit to see if you can find similar websites. Visit several websites within your niche to see if you can find some common factors. Take notes if you must!
What Are You Offering?
Business oriented websites should be professional in design, but they also need to be clear in the services offered as well. A landscaping company obviously wouldn’t decorate their company website with pictures of hair dressing salons and vice versa. Make your business image clear so your visitors know who you are and what you are!

What to Do If Your Website Doesn’t Meet These Expectations

If your website breaks one or all of the rules, consider determining what you can do to fix it. If the content is out of date, fix it! Regardless of if the website is well put together you should make an attempt to do a yearly update for the website. This update may include finding a new design, adding more content, or just changing the color scheme a bit. Remember, this is your personal portfolio!
These few tips will get you started on how to evaluate your website on your own. There are many other features to take into consideration as well. In general, putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes will increase your understanding greatly.


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