Review of website design – Car Preview


Today with the evolution of technology and the internet are more options to promote and publicize our work, so one of the first steps to this is the creation of a website, these have become a screening tool and sales for any business, whether selling a product or have a space to share your ideas, opinions, suggestions and more.

Therefore it is important the work in the design of the website, this will depend on the client or the person concerned to spend more time going through our website, evaluating and assessing the information and services we offer, it is important to work all creative elements, such as colors we use and the way we present or disclose your identity to achieve the desired positive effect.

So I’ll take as an example some pages and I’ll start with a website I visited recently because I needed information for the next purchase of a car and this website is Car Preview, a website that at first glance invites you to stay , has all the elements that are positive about the design of a web page, has interesting information about the latest car models in the market, has an organized structure allowing direct, easy and intuitive navigation, with clean creative professional design, with a serious style and colors that allow navigation and reading without any problem of background colors or bright colors, has high quality photos of automobiles like the crossover suvs of 2015 that do not cover large amount of space that it seems perfect, in conclusion this website becomes a perfect example of corporate identity through the design as this is thought in the type of clients or people looking for the kind of information they offer.

There are many design tools that can help you improve your website but seek different point of views for advice or professional help to guide you if necessary, because the first impression is what counts.

Perused the writings on your site (particularly the landing page, item pages), and make the messages more particular. Discover something ambiguous, and make it all the more clear.

Locate a couple of outsiders, have them take a gander at your site for a brief time of time and request that they clarify what you do.

Your prospects are more keen on your features in the event that they coordinate the discussion in their mind. Converse with your prospects and discover how they clarify their #1 issue or test.

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