The Three Main Elements of the New Ford Focus Design


As you might already know, the exterior is what catches the eye first. When you look at a car the first thing you might think of is how it looks. So the exterior design of the car is a very important aspect of enticing the customer to come and have a look.

When you couple design with a growing market, then you have potential for a lot of sales to take place. The mid-sized sedan segment has been growing over the years. In 2015 the cross-over utility vehicle section sold almost 17.5 million cars. Mid-sized sedans sold almost 2.5 million. Ford has seen further buying potential of this market segment. So the new Ford Fusion has been designed with that in mind.

Earlier in 2012, Ford had concentrated on four main design attributes. These were a new design, new technology, engines and driving dynamics. They were also seen to be copying design cues from the Aston Martin. This did make their cars more stylish.

So looking into 2016 and Ford 2017 Fusion Ford has decided to concentrate on three aspects.

Design: Ford has decided to make the exterior sleeker. The old 2012 version had a front grille that has been stretched horizontally this time. Various design aspects have been modified on the other Ford cars like the Sport, Titanium and Platinum models.

At the back of the car, the only modification that has been made, are the new tail lamp lenses.Ford has come out with a new exterior color: Shadow Black and heated mirrors.

After the exterior has caught the customer’s attention, the car still needs to have other design aspects to make it worth the money. Keeping that in mind, Ford has also redesigned the interior of the ford focus.

The interior has been made to look cleaner and clutter free. The seating arrangement does tend to obscure the rear view a bit so they have integrated rear cameras to solve this problem.

Technology and design: Ford has redesigned the center stack. This simplifies the user experience. They have put in Remote start system, cloth seats which are heated and drive memory, and floor mats for every type of weather. It also has Bluetooth phone connectivity, CD player and the USB or Iphone interface. It also has the integration available for your smart pone app. So a lot of technology has been added to enhance the user’s experience.

Engines: the Fusion has an all wheel drive. It is available in seven power trains. This includes direct injected EcoBoost engines, turbo charged, a plug in hybrid and a hybrid electric. The EcoBoost engines are proving to be very popular among customers. Almost half of all their customers are choosing it because of its fuel efficiency.

Besides that they have also focused on the safety features in the design of the car. The ‘Ford Sync’ also dials 911 in case of a crash, when synced with a cell phone that is compatible.

Overall Ford has moved into designing a car series that is sleeker, stylish and more customer centered.

Review of website design – Car Preview


Today with the evolution of technology and the internet are more options to promote and publicize our work, so one of the first steps to this is the creation of a website, these have become a screening tool and sales for any business, whether selling a product or have a space to share your ideas, opinions, suggestions and more.

Therefore it is important the work in the design of the website, this will depend on the client or the person concerned to spend more time going through our website, evaluating and assessing the information and services we offer, it is important to work all creative elements, such as colors we use and the way we present or disclose your identity to achieve the desired positive effect.

So I’ll take as an example some pages and I’ll start with a website I visited recently because I needed information for the next purchase of a car and this website is Car Preview, a website that at first glance invites you to stay , has all the elements that are positive about the design of a web page, has interesting information about the latest car models in the market, has an organized structure allowing direct, easy and intuitive navigation, with clean creative professional design, with a serious style and colors that allow navigation and reading without any problem of background colors or bright colors, has high quality photos of automobiles like the crossover suvs of 2015 that do not cover large amount of space that it seems perfect, in conclusion this website becomes a perfect example of corporate identity through the design as this is thought in the type of clients or people looking for the kind of information they offer.

There are many design tools that can help you improve your website but seek different point of views for advice or professional help to guide you if necessary, because the first impression is what counts.

Perused the writings on your site (particularly the landing page, item pages), and make the messages more particular. Discover something ambiguous, and make it all the more clear.

Locate a couple of outsiders, have them take a gander at your site for a brief time of time and request that they clarify what you do.

Your prospects are more keen on your features in the event that they coordinate the discussion in their mind. Converse with your prospects and discover how they clarify their #1 issue or test.

What Is Digital Arts And Its Types?


Business works have discovered the beauty of digital art when it comes to attracting customers by their product designs. Digital art is an artistic and aesthetic artwork done on the screen of your computer—this is presenting ideas and creativity with the use of digital technology.

These are mainly used in the world of multimedia most especially in the advertisements of the products. This kind of art is used for the digital effects, making the advertisements look a lot more high and futuristic.

The acceptance of the end users had been so overwhelming that they are demanding a lot more from digital art to be used by the designers, leaving them enjoying the product more.

Digital art has been a life changing to the company and the users for they are being inspired and influence by the products they are using. Much more when the designs made are matched with their taste and style.

Digital arts may vary depending on their functions; these are the following:

The graphical or graphic illustration, which is generally used in the making of advertisements, promotion brochures, and billboards that need sharp quality imaging and video making.

Graphic illustration may correspond to different category. These are;

-Illustrations that are used in making comics, books, and websites

-while 3D models are commonly used in making video gaming, movie editing, and most especially with animations that is in need of the digital art for all its sequences.

-Digital photos are then used to make image endorsements such as posters, billboards and tarps.

-The digital painting may also be used when it comes to making props and back drafts.
Digital art, in general, is a combination of scientific methods, mathematical elements, arts and technology.

There are a lot of benefits digital art could offer such as, there will be no effect with the environment since it is done paperless, digital arts may also be transferred, forwarded and saved for a copy.

There will be no changes even it is exposed to distractive elements such as the heat and moist for it is being saved in a soft copy that may allow you to print copies as much as you want. This will then be duplicated in sure accuracy, without any flaws to make it different from the other.

Digital artwork may also be created solo or by a group, and developments will be visible to all in real time, as everybody is doing their own part of the job. Through advancement of technology, more and more tools may be developed that will create an unlimited possibilities and will do all the works faster, and more aesthetic.

Digital art has been a part of all the business industries that made it a major factor of increasing sales and promotions.

Soon, digital art will save a lot of businesses and will create more jobs to the youth. All it takes is knowledge, practice, and proper training, since almost everyone nowadays is computer literate.

Reviewing Websites and Videos I like


As you all know a great website design is very important for anyone that is willing to create and publish any kind of webpage in the internet. A lot of people are using videos as part of their websites, a short video is very practical and more effective than trying to write all that information in the right way so the reader does not get bored and at the end does not get the information that you want.

But the reality is that creating and designing a excellent artwork for a website is not easy and quickly done, it depends on too many different factors like; taste, feelings, emotions and so on. This brings us a huge diversity of websites published and running in the internet where you can actually explore and see the different tendencies of them. If you are an expert on this subject you are able to navigate thru a website and see right away their goods and bads, you may be even able to advise or criticise in a constructive way for them to improve and changes things around for make it look more professional and nicer sometimes just very little changes and new positioning of texts, art and design can make a huge difference.

Let’s explore the internet searching for those amazing videos, great digital art design and beautiful websites in order to get the best out of them reviewing the positive and negative aspects.

Reviews are about to come…